Programs and Services

Classes are customized and are adaptable based on our client’s needs and the age-appropriateness of the students. Our target is 25-50 students per session in upper elementary through middle school (5th – 8th grade). School programs, after-school and summer camp sessions are scheduled in cooperation with schools and organizations that we partner with.


Students attend classroom sessions with lectures, expanded to include role-play and guest speaker presentations. Students collect data, research, and collaborate with experts to present their case in mock trial and debate sessions. Site visits to the local university’s School of Law, courthouse, police department, forensics lab and other sites expand the real-world application of the course. Subject matter experts in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, law, behavioral science and law enforcement manage the sessions.

The camp delivers a very unique educational experience designed to increase the number of students, particularly those from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds, to the STEM-L professional industry and drive motivation in migration towards the legal and STEM career pipelines.

Our strategic partnerships seek to collaboratively reduce youth violence, prevent drug use, promote child safety, and improve relationships between police and young people, with a special emphasis on youth most at risk.