Innovative | Fun | Engaging

Our modular systems allow us to come to your afterschool or summer program site and deliver a great STEM Escape Room experience.

Students work together, problem solve and most importantly have fun!

Teachers get your students excited about STEM!
Parents Use These for Family Night or Parties!

Can your students beat the clock and escape in time?
Keep Your Kids Entertained and Engaged!

Product includes an engaging scenario and 4 easy to prep STEM puzzles. Students work through each puzzle and when they have solved it correctly, they will get a code to “unlock” the next clue and puzzle.

Escape The Room!
Enhanced Learning Through Self-exploration and Discovery.
Set Up Your Own Escape Room Activity Personalized for Your Class!

escape room 1
escape room 2
escape room 3
escape room 4
escape room 5
escape room 6